Silver Strike 2007 Bowls 'Em Over! Top Arcade Video Game in US 

Silver Strike 2007 Bowls 'Em Over! Top Arcade Video Game in US

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Americans love bowling. It's our #1 recreational sport. Popular since Colonial days, it's been around for hundreds -- no, thousands -- of years. And now there's a whole new spin on this historic sport.

Historic it is. It's said that Sir Francis Drake took time for one last game before sailing into battle against the Spanish Armada. Excavating the tomb of an Egyptian king, archaeologists found bowling pins and a ball -- circa 5000 B.C.

Flash forward 7006 years. Bowling is still near and dear to our collective heart. But now it is possible to enjoy all the challenge, camaraderie, and competition of the real game without stepping foot in a bowling alley. Or even lifting a bowling ball.

The name of the game is Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club, and it's taking the country by storm. Found in restaurants and bars nationwide, it was voted arcade Video Game of the Year for 2005 by readers of Play Meter magazine, the amusement industry's top trade publication.

It started 2 years ago. People began by playing in their favorite hangouts. Quickly, they got hooked on the life-like action and incredible graphics. Bars started running tournaments and leagues. Some players won $1,000 for the rarest of bowling feats: The treasured 300 game. Others got a $25 bar tab at their local watering hole for the week's top score.

Talk about a lucky strike. The game was created by Incredible Technologies, a homegrown success story. Formed in a local basement, IT is now a $65 million company based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. IT is the inventor of Golden Tee Golf, the most popular video game ever. The company pioneered live, online game technology for coin-operated games and with the Silver Streak update, IT brings all that know-how to the timeless game of bowling.

Yes, Silver Strike is going online. Players can now track their averages and stats and the new upgrade features all kinds of cool enhancements, including a sweepstakes held every Friday night.

So get out your bowling shirt and play a few frames. For more info, visit .

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